About us

EcO2 is a leading specialist in non-toxic fumigation. We offer controlled atmosphere solutions to pest infestation problems. Our controlled atmosphere treatments are not based on the use of toxic chemicals, but on the very fundamental principle that without oxygen nothing can survive, even the toughest insects.

Next to pest control, we offer monitoring solutions used to be able to monitor commodity quality continuously. To achieve this, we control various parameters such a temperature, Relative Humidity and gasses, such as CO2, N2, CO, O2, in chambers, warehouses, silos and other spaces. In addition, we are also involved in the non-toxic preservation of fruits and vegetables using modified atmosphere techniques.


EcO2 was established in 2000 in the Netherlands and has then evolved to operate worldwide. As part of Peterson & Control Union, a global network of inspection and certifications operations established in 1920, EcO2 is active in 70+ countries. Please visit the Peterson or Control Union webpage for more information: www.petersoncontrolunion.com
The group is involved in multiple research and development projects including the research in treatment parameters for cashew, CA and fumigation for quarantine, and Controlled Atmosphere tests for the development of the CORESTA CA guideline.


Our techniques are used by our customers in over 25 countries worldwide and are applied for the treatment of food and feed commodities, silos, warehouses, and production facilities, to name a few.

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