The EcO2 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technique is used to control food supplies or food products like grain, rice, cocoa, coffee beans, spices, seeds, nuts, flour etc. But tobacco and other products can also be treated with our techniques to control pests. Our 100% non-toxic CA technique is safe for people and the environment, and does not leave any residues.
The CA technique is suitable for both conventionally and organically produced food commodities.

Treatment process

If you have a pest plague, our specialists will first determine the kind of pest. Depending on the living conditions of the pest, an environmentally friendly treatment procedure will be drawn up. The contaminated food supplies are placed in specially designed treatment units and the process can be started, monitored, managed and stopped online with the help of a computer program. The process controls the temperature, oxygen level and the level of humidity and is closely watched by our experts. Depending on the type of contamination, a treatment will last between 3 to 10 days. After treatment the food supplies or objects are 100% free of living insects, larva and eggs.
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