The most important type of pest is the commodity feeder. This type of pest feeds directly on commodities and can be divided into Primary pests and Secondary pests.

Primary pests: those that infest intact commodities.

Secondary pests: these require the commodity to be damaged before they can infest it. Secondary pests dominate in milled products such as flour, and in processed and manufactured food products.

Each pest requires a different level of ‘damage’ before it can survive on a commodity. For some species this level is minimal, but for others it may be substantial. Commodities accumulate damage from harvesting, handling, pest
infestations and processing, all of which increase the risk of infestation from secondary pests.

Below the most prevalent commodity feeders are listed, including common and scientific name. EcO2 has specialist knowledge regarding these insects and the suitable treatments to be performed in terms of O2 level, temperature,
treatment time and so on.

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