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EcO2 systems are used worldwide to control pests as a curative or preventative method in production processes without compromising the quality of commodities. With the principle of without oxygen nothing can survive, EcO2 Controlled Atmosphere chambers lowers oxygen to below 0.5% through the flushing of Nitrogen to kill insects at all life stages including the eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult.
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Why Choose Controlled Atmosphere?

No Residue On Products
No chemical residues left on product after treatments
Eliminating Pests At All Life Stages
Eliminates 100% of insects in stored product
No Toxic Chemicals Used
Safe for the environment
Organic Production
Can be used towards organic production
Flexible Solutions
Choose between fixed and mobile options
No Resistance
No pesistance in pest population
Safe for workers
No toxic chemicals or degassing concerns
Treatment Data Collected
A record of the treatments can be recorded

EcO2 Non-Toxic Pest Control

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