With Controlled Atmosphere solution, you can extend the storage time of your fruits, vegetables, flowers or mushrooms. By balancing low O2-CO2 levels, your produce can be kept longer, allowing you to maximize your sales period.

Storing your goods in this low oxygen environment creates many opportunities. Seasonal products can now be stored longer for sale after the harvest season, when the prices are generally higher. As icing on the cake, this process is completely natural and maintains the freshness and crispiness without any weight loss.

Applicable for these product groups:

  • Fruits (apple, pear, blackcurrant, blueberry, cherry, chestnut, kiwi, plum, redcurrant, table grapes…);
  • Vegetables (asparagus, cabbage, Swiss chard, bean, leek, lamb’s, new potato, lettuce, turnip, cauliflower, broccoli, sugarloaf, spinach, black radish, cardoon, Brussel sprout, red beetroot…);
  • Mushroom (chanterelle);
  • Flowers (rose, tulip).

Benefits of CA preservation:

  • Extends shelf life;
  • Natural O2 CO2 balance;
  • Less loss of weight;
  • Maintains the product’s freshness;
  • Sales flexibility.
  • Water tightness ensured by silicon seal.
  • Flexible storage;
  • Easy to install;
  • Using existing cold rooms;
  • Collapsible option for easy transport;
  • No metal component;
  • Water tightness ensured by silicon seal.

Modules solution

  • The CA modules have six patented membranes that reduce the penetration of O2 inside the modules and easily let CO2 out. Product data can be found below or download here

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