Heat Treatment

EcO2 Heat Treatment is an effective solution for insect control in wooden packaging material (ISPM 15), warehouses, monumental buildings, factories and antiques, based on increased temperatures.


Complies with ISPM No. 15 guidelines for wooden packaging material:

The Heat Treatment Technique is particularly applied to Wood Packaging Material used for export according to international regulations. Heat Treatment can be applied in special climate rooms or anywhere with a mobile installation.

The treatment controls the temperature with a temperature range from 56 to 75°C (132 to 167°F), depending on the quarantine and pre-shipment regulations of the country concerned. The goods will be closely monitored as the temperature is increased slowly to protect the goods from damage. This treatment is applied to all kinds of wood and packaging material and is compliant with the ISPM No.15 guidelines.

Preventing and eliminating insect infestations in warehouses and monumental buildings:

The contaminated object will be fitted with a special heating system that will increase the temperature in the area to a minimum of 56°C (132°F). This technique will be applied locally via a mobile installation. On average the treatment takes 36 hours to complete. This is excluding the time required to assemble and dismantle the installation. During the treatment, the humidity level will be closely monitored, and the temperature is raised slowly to prevent damage.

Quick, effective, safe and unharmful (no chemical used):

Only with temperature increasing method and some conditions for air, Heat Treatment is the best solution among those applicable to a product.

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