It is not uncommen in global Cocoa yeld production, that ppst harvest losses can reach 30-40% of the total production when cocoa is affected by certain due to diseases and pests. An insect infestation may take place in the country of production, when the raw cocoa is stored for an extended period, but insect pests may also occur on long trips or within storage abroad.

The cocoa beans have to go through a fermentation process to reach the right quality. The following characteristics determine whether the beans meet the quality standards: maturity, absence of fungal and the right odor and color properties. Today, over 4.5 million tons of cocoa beans are consumed annually around the globe. To reserve the best flavor to final products and to meet global food safety requirements, cocoa beans must be always pest free before final processing.

EcO2, specializes in non-toxic pest control and can provide you effective services to combat these harmful insects in any stage of of storage and production. EcO2 Controlled Atmosphere  is used for treating cocoa beans in various countries with chambers and mobile solutions.

Common commodity feeder

  • Almond moth (Cadra cautella)
  • Cocoa weevil (Araecerus fasciculatus)
  • Cockroaches (Family: Blattodea)
  • Tropical warehouse moth (Ephestia cautella)
  • Warehouse beetle (Trogoderma variabile)


  • Controlled Atmosphere for infested products.
  • Heat Treatment for infested buildings.
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