Bulk & Tent Treatment

Agricultural commodities used for food and feed are often stored in bulk inside silos and flat warehouses. Similar to bagged goods, these commodities might be infested, or attacked by various insect species. This can greatly undermine the quality and quantity of the product.

EcO2 has a long experience in postharvest pest control of conventional and organic commodities in bulk. With our mobile equipment, we have executed our Controlled Atmosphere treatments in many types of environments and locations. 24/7 mobile monitoring of oxygen levels as well as relative humidity and temperature assures the effectiveness of the treatment and the preservation of the best quality of the product.

Our intervention is simple, flexible, and it consists of 4 steps:
1. Make sure the bulk parcels environment is as gastight as possible. For example, by sealing a silo or covering a bulk parcel with gas-tight tarpaulin;
2. Place oxygen, temperature and humidity sensors;
3. Start and monitor the treatment;
4. Remove our equipment once the treatment is completed. The product is available immediately, as there is no need for degassing.
We are confident we can find a solution for your actual storage location/situation.


EcO2 provides specific certificates for containers or shipments on request of the customer. Obtain an internationally recognized certificate for treated cargos that are monitored by EcO2 Monitoring Solutions.

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