Chamber & Container Treatments


Many products are best treated in airtight chambers. EcO2 offers this service to third parties in its treatment facilities in Vietnam and the Netherlands. However, these chambers can be built anywhere within your own manufacturing or storage facility, at any location worldwide.

The volume capacity of the chambers depends on the customers’ needs and can vary from one to several chamber rooms.

A variety of products can be treated using the Controlled Atmosphere chambers. To name a few: cashew and other nuts, corn, rice, cocoa, coffee, spices, dried fruit, seeds, legumes, tobacco, soya wheat and barley.


Fitted containers are also an ideal solution where space may be limited. The airtight containers can be positioned within or outside the facility and can be stacked to save on space. The volume to fumigate in containers is 15MT per 40-feet container


EcO2 provides specific certificates for containers or shipments on request of the customer. Obtain an internationally recognized certificate for treated cargos that are monitored by EcO2 Monitoring Solutions.

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