Tropical warehouse moth (Ephestia cautella)

Identification: A mature tropical warehouse moth has a length of 1-2 cm and a wingspan of 1.5 to 2 cm. The moth is also known as the almond moth (Cadra cautella).The adult and the larva is mottled gray off-white in color.

Life cycle: The female lays about 260 eggs during her life in groups in all kinds of foods. The development from egg to imago lasts 82-206 days at 21 º C.

Commodities infested: The eggs are laid on cocoa, chocolate products, grains, nuts, dried fruits, flour and other plant products. The larvae feed on these food products. Mature larvae leave the product and find a suitable place to pupate. This can be cracks and crevices of cupboards and walls of the storage. Vacated space may have several life stages of the tropical warehouse moth present. The damage it causes is the contamination of food etc. by feces, webs, dead moths and fungi.

Preventive measures include: properly clean vacant spaces, low temperature in storage space and use up old stock first.

Treatment: Controlled Atmosphere for infestation in product
Treatment: Heat Treatment for infestation in buildings

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