Flour mite (Acarus siro L.)

Identification: Adult mites have a colorless body and their legs vary from pale yellow to reddish brown. They are 0.04 cm long and have long hair on the body and legs.

Life cycle: The development from egg to image dependents on the temperature and can vary from 17 to 140 days.

Commodities infested: Mites are found on all kinds of products of plant and sometimes also of animal origin. The quality and/or value of the stock of products decreases because of the pollution caused by the mites. The presence of Flour mites can be proved by wiping a little bit of flour together and smoothing it. If the surface after a while get “rough”, then this indicates the presence of mites.

Preventive measures include: keeping stocks in storage cool and dry, ensure good ventilation, and keep storage areas clean and dry.

Treatment: Controlled Atmosphere for infestation in product
Treatment: Heat Treatment for infestation in building

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